Theresa (Tere) Kipp singer/songwriter/storyteller creates her personal art form through combining various methods of creative expression. Her canvas is generally layered with stories of life’s truths, fantasies for young and old, foot tapping music, and/or songs of the heart.










Theresa (Tere) Kipp


Artist/ Illustrator

Leo Hartas has illustrated many children’s books and comics. He lives with his family and two cats in the English countryside in a cottage that was built in 1588.








Leo Hartas Ltd
01823 672997


Centre Resource

Brett Power works as a videographer and sound engineer, which are spirited by his passion as an individual artist. He is actively involved in music, songwriting, poetry, theater, and dance.









Brett Power

Gabriel Gonzalez is an IT professional who is driven by a concise sense of innovation and vision. His enthusiasm and support for the creative arts coupled with his expertise in business technology gives way to a strong sense of leadership within his field.








Gabriel Gonzalez


Rocking Horse Studio

Brian Coombes, owner of Rocking Horse Studio offers professional guidance on creative and practical aspects of recording and audio production. Rocking Horse Studio also offers a wide range of professional musicians to provide assistance for recording needs that bands and/or solo artists may have.

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Brian Coombes


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