Originally from Florida, I began my professional singing career as a folk singer-songwriter and studio musician in the sixties. It was such an exciting time to be a musician, as the music industry had become well rooted in message, meaning, rock and soul. I was fortunate to be a working musician traveling and preforming throughout the east coast. By 1970 I had planted my roots in the White Mountains of New Hampshire and in accordance with the times had become a blues and rock singer.As time passed and traditional lifestyle took hold, I became a mother of three, continued to work on my educational status, maintained a professional career, as well as continuing on as a local musician, performing throughout the New England area.During the course of this time, I founded and directed WomanSong, an unconventional women’s community choir, performing a diverse repertoire that spanned musical styles of 16th century renaissance to soulful blues, with everything else in between. I also established and directed The Young Tribal Performers, a youth ensemble group that performed indigenous song, dance, and storytelling.

Throughout the years I have maintained my position as a singer-songwriter and have added the Art of Storytelling to my repertoire.  Being a musician and/or a storyteller is much in the same, whereas both genres are communicating a storyline; one is in addition to music, while the other using spoken word techniques.  Although I enjoy both styles separately, I also enjoy bringing the two styles together in the context of narrative enhanced with song.In more recent years, I have had the distinct pleasure of adding visual art and videography to my works. I am now fortunate to be working with an artistic team, which brings story and song together in a visual sense.  It is much like breathing life into a storyline. I find that the collaborative effort of various artists culminates as a collective energy that makes the work multi-dimensional.

Professionally,  I have established three intertwining avenues Centre Resource LLC, Pathway Center for Arts and Education, and Creative Paths of the Arts. Centre Resource is a consulting firm dedicated to the support and advocacy of community and “The Arts”.  Pathway Center for Arts and Education is an educational website offering on-line arts integrated educational courses for in school and home school environments.  Lastly, Creative Paths of the Arts, which is a website specific to on-line support of individual artists, artistic groups, and arts organization. However the working of these organizations and their endeavors to support the arts within community is something that I do not do alone. The work could never happen with out the collective efforts of the team of talented artist that I am fortunate to continually work with: a community of artist supporting community arts

So in closing, although there are many, many things in this life that I have thoroughly enjoyed, I have to admit that being a singer/songwriter/storyteller is at the top of the list. To quote the Godfather of Soul “It feels so good”.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Tere Kipp 2019